The Men are heading to the mountains in Breckenridge Colorado soon for a Feeding Shepherds Outing!!!

Feeding Shepherds

Feeding Shepherds is a part of the men’s ministry that goes on adventures into the wilderness to be mentored and reshaped…and have fun and fellowship. Where are we going this year? Come find out!!!

Men need to get out of town and into the wilderness to see God’s creation as it was intended… from the view of a tent! Lifehouse Community Church helps men get back to their roots through our Feeding Shepherds Ministry. A ministry created for leaders of the church to have experiences revolving around getting to know God in an intimate way. We have chosen to do this by going to the wilderness and having fellowship, hot coffee brewing on the campfire, eating meat, and having deep conversations about our lives giving glory to God. Let’s see where this season takes us.

15 “Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you knowledge and understanding

.Jeremiah 3:15 New American Standard Bible


Surprise visit by wild bird in Breckenridge Colorado

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